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W.H. Auden, Pulitzer prize winning poet, Wystan Hugh Auden, (England, 1907-73).

Jean Auel, Writer; née Jean Marie Untinen (Chicago, Illinois 18 February 1936).

Mischa Auer, Actor; Mischa Ounskowsky (St. Petersburg, Russia 17 November 1905 - 5 March 1967). FAQ - Spelling

Red Auerbach, Basketball coach; Arnold Jacob Auerbach (Brooklyn, New York 17 September1917).

Claudine Auger, Actor, Claudine Oger, (France, 1942).

Pernilla August, Actor, (first English speaking movie - The Phantom Menace); (Stockholm, Sweden, 13 February 1958). Pernilla Wallgren was her maiden name; she's married to director Billy August. Also known as: Mia Pernilla Wallgren, Pernilla ?stergren.

Augustus, aka Caesar Augustus, Roman Emperor; Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus (Rome 23 September 63BC - 19 August 14AD).

Georgie Auld, Tenor saxophone player; John Altwerger (Toronto, Ontario 19 May 1919- 1 January 1990).

Jean-Pierre Aumont, Actor; Jean-Pierre Salomons (Paris 5 January 1911 - 30 January 2001).

Gene Austin, Singer andsongwriter; Lemeul Eugene Lucas (Gainesville, Texas 24 June 1900 - 12 January 1972).

Sherrié Austin, Actor; Sherrie Krenn (Sydney, Australia 28 August 1970).

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin, WWF Wrestler; Steve Williams (USA).

Vivian Austin, Actor, Vivian Coe (USA, 1919).

Alan Autry, Actor; Carlos Alan Autry (USA 1952). [Was known as Carlos Brown, after his Grandfather, for a few years].

Gene Autry, Film actor, singer, Orvon Gene Autry (1907-98).

Frankie Avalon, Singer, Francis Thomas Avallone (USA, 1939).

"Tex" Avery, Director/voice dub (cartoons), Frederick Bean Avery, (USA, 1908-80).

Rev. W. Awdry, Author, Wilbert Vere Awdry (England). Author of 'Thomas The Tank Engine' children's books.

Axis Sally, German propagandist; Mildred Gillars (USA. 1901-88).

Dan Aykroyd, Actor; Daniel Edward Aykroyd (Ottawa, Canada 1 July 1952).

Felix Aylmer, Actor, Felix Edward Aylmer-Jones, (England, 1889-1979).

Lew Ayres, Actor; Lewis Frederick Ayre III (Minneapolis, Minnesota 28 December 1908 - 30 December 1996).

Charles Aznavour, Singer, actor, Shahnour Varenagh Aznavourian, (France, 1924).

Candice Azzara,

Matilda Azzara

Brooklyn, New York
18 May 1945

Kate Smith

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